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Recently digitally re-mastered 17-song CD album of rock/gospel musical
written by Paul Solomon and Chris Van Cleave in 1982 and still very
relevant today - even more so! Many loved songs "Emmanuel",
"So Send I You" and more!. For further details on the show
and to listen to song clips from the album,
and/or purchase album, CLICK HERE!

  Beyond See Beyond album

An 18-song solo album where all instrumentation, arrangements, harmonies and recording are by Chris with his rich melodic vocals and multi-layered acoustic guitar arrangements. Insightful lyrics and intricate guitar playing create an intimate atmosphere where, lyrically, there is
always light at the end of the tunnel!

"Van Cleave's voice is clear and expressive, providing fertile ground for his lush lyrical landscape....With a range that slides easiy from bass to tenor, he is compared to Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, or Dan Fogelberg. For relaxing and insightful music, I recommend the beautiful "Lavender White," the lifting "Riddle of the River," and a cool-pickin' instrumental "Mystic Mountain Moogie."
Eric Worden, Port Folio Weekly
(February 3-9, 1998)

Beyond See Beyond CD

  Stalkin CD cover

This album features several brilliant musicians recording with Chris in England. It leans towards positive, cross-over, country with an eclectic mix of stylistic influences and rhythms. His lyrical perspectives on relationships include the deep joys of love, being hung up on, playfully suggestive lyrics, being left out on a limb, the death of a loved one, being true to oneself
and more.

"With timelessly crafted songs as powerfully emotive as "Laugh With You" and "Simply Love", and a voice that simultaneously encompasses the power of Scott Walker with the tenderness of Jackson Browne..."
Johnny Black, music journalist
(Q Magazine, Insight, Hi Fi News)


Stalkin' A Country Smile: CD

  Rise Above CD cover

The first six minutes of the album blends a chant The Veil is Lifting, written by Chris, into a powerfully uplifting chant - Jesce Sole: an adaptation of a traditional Neapolitan chant by John La Barbera and Alessandra Belloni from their folk opera Stabat Mater in which Chris performed as Jesus at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York in 1998.

An album purposefully created for those wanting to heal relationships, meditate, pray or realign priorities - with songs at the end that increase the tempo - to inspire new beginnings! Chris' melodic voice, overtoned with his rich harmonies, soothe, heal and inspire!

Rise Above: CD album

  Selected Eclectic cover

SELECTED ECLECTIC “Ruffs” is not an album, but a wide selection of original music from Chris' vast catalog of material.  From adult contemporary, folk, country, rock, jazz, songs from his musicals, Chris has something stylistically and lyrically for most of us!  Included with this selection is the song he wrote “Artist” that Laura Branigan sang while together in their Paramount Records group Meadow.  This group of songs are but a small sample of his work.  They are at various stages of production, but all are of a high enough quality for you to enjoy.  The song clip samples are long enough for you to decide whether you want to download the full song, at a reduced price from those of his album tracks.  As with any of his album tracks downloaded from Nimbit, 10% of all proceeds received will be put towards Doctors Without Borders, and other future specified humanitarian causes, as will be noted on his website.  So rather than copy a download to give to a friend, enjoy purchasing these songs knowing that we are both contributing to something else of value in the world -- please encourage your friends to do the same!

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In 1983 Chris wrote a "to-do" list of yet to accomplish items, on which he added "write a Christmas song". That evening seven songs came through in one night.  These, and five of his other original songs, were recorded and produced in collaboration with a talented group of friends in Virginia Beach within two months prior to Christmas that year. Hear "The Gift" within the Mandala page. 

These songs were then performed with heartwarming celebration by Chris and friends to outreach groups in the community: prisons, hospitals, retirement homes, teenage centers, etc., a tradition continued annually since its inception.

An additional song "A Golden Christmas" (recorded while on tour with the British cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar") was added later.
A bonus track added in 2009 was Chris' beautifully sung arrangement of "O Holy Night".

This album has become a perennial favorite and features refreshingly new Christmas music in a variety of styles, including gospel, country, jazz, and folk: all joyfully laced with inspirational lyrics. Also included are Chris' highly praised musical renditions of "The 23rd Psalm" and "The Great Invocation".

Christmas Presence: CD album

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