1st verse - lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates
Alternative 3 verses - lyrics by Chris Van Cleave
Beautiful uplifting duet between Chris and Lea

Song production team


The vision for this recording was to bring life to the new lyrics by highlighting concepts
of inclusiveness, rather than division with regard to race, creed, or gender.

America, as we all know, was built upon ideals of freedom, not only including religious and political freedom, but freedom of speech and the consideration that all men are created equal;
with the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Within the lyrics is also the realization and acknowledgement that the original Americans,
long before our founding fathers, lived with a deep reverence and respect for all life and
the abundant gifts that this great country offered.

My hope is that this beloved song, along with the new lyrics, will continue to inspire and empower the people in America to never lose faith in themselves, or the principles upon which this great country was built - and that we may all serve in our own unique ways
to make this country and world a better one to live in.

Chris Van Cleave

  Katharine Lee Bates photo