This Is Our World

I was one of those who thought it best
To mind my own business
'Til word got to me about the state of the world today
It seems the human race has been in such a rush
To succeed that humanity
Has overlooked Life itself––fading away.

Meanwhile the forests, lakes, and rivers are dying
With all the wildlife, once thriving, deprived
Still the acid rain keeps falling stronger
On heads having the time of their lives

This is our world
It's ours to take care of
Let's make it last
Before the chance has been passed
This is our world
That we've all got a share in
Let's see it through for our children
And their children, too

Everyday we lose another species––gone
With the whims of greed and progress
Transportation, power stations smog the air to acid rain
39 million acres of forest
Are destroyed every year
Life forever sacrificed––through careless gain


For time all too soon tells, by what remains to be seen
Where all the "wished I'd dones" end up as broken dreams
Museums of what once was and could still have been
Were it not for the negligence of careless men
Who didn't want to hear it while there still was time
Too late's the price to pay to look away from this CRIME!