See Beyond

Baby shakes a rattle
There's no need to be alarmed
It's just a reflex; looking closer you'll be charmed
Somethin' in the eyes can find you lost and mesmerized
Until you wind up feeling you're disarmed
Without a doubt in your mind.

See beyond what it appears to be
Reflecting you and me
See beyond for underneath the surface
Is a Divine purpose, a perfect Plan.

Somewhere out of nowhere
There comes something in your life
So unexpected, it can cut you loose just like a knife
Reminding you to wake up from your reoccurring dream
And say hello to Reality
The Truth of all there be, mercy me!


Mirrors have many facets
Seen through very many ways
Every coin has two sides
And you know just where your treasure hides
Buried deep within the heart of every living thing
Is a story so old, it's worth much more
Than all the world's gold.