Love's On The Line

Movin' closer to the edge
Feelin' like this is the end of the line
Nowhere to run, no place to hide
From seeing all the ways we were blind
Trippin' over something
Caught by our Love coming in

Love's on the line now
"Realin" us up out of a deep sleep
Light's pouring in from every direction
Under the sun; this one's for keeps
Love's on the line now
Callin' way down into the valley
While the sky lights up with the fiery dawn
Showin' us through Heaven's Gallery

My world was spinnin' away from me
And, as far as I could see, gettin' nowhere
Everyone tryin' to get ahead of everyone else
No matter the price or dare
The human race keeps runnin'
But Love's already won and ...


Chasin' a dream, all out of breath
Wondering if it's gonna happen at last
Hopin' the future won't come too soon
Before the chances remainin' have passed
But don't give up on Love now
'Cause Love's still dyin' to show you how