Every Now and Then

Hanging on a memory of you with me
Your ghost has come to visit me again
And though I'd love to see you now
I know I face a dream
That comes to haunt me every now and then

No matter how I'd really love to hold you
I know the time has passed to let you go
But still I hold the hope that you'll be coming home again
And you'll stay with me when it won't just be
Every now and then

Still now and then
I'll go back when this life was yours and mine
Wandering so freely through the wonder of it all
And though your life is gone
I won't be all alone
'Cause now and then
Some place we've been takes me back to our time
When you were always here with me
Instead of just a memory
Coming every now and then

Guess I'm learning time will wait for no one
But time can take forever from an end
And though I go on living taking one day at a time
How long the pain will last will just depend

Depending on how long I'm going to miss you
And every little care we ever shared
And if I hold regrets about the way things might have been
It's 'cause my Love won't die and it makes me cry
Every now and then.

'Cause now and then...
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