Don't You Know Me

Don't you know me
Well, maybe you've forgotten who I am
But I've been with you since your first breath
I'm the closest tie through you to Everyman

Don't you know me
Those feelings of division keep you apart
From understanding how together
Every life has always been right from the start

But as much as you may fight it
Don't you know me
However you deny it
Don't you know me
When you're drawing worry to you
Fear has traced it
Then you've misplaced it
The memory of Love
That you can show me

Don't you know me
'Til you see me for yourself and realize
You're a mirror, and the whole world
Is just dying to find the Love Light in your eyes

Now don't you know me
Am I looking more familiar to you now
That it's taken such a lifetime
To meet you in the Light of final bow

In the eyes of every child you behold me
If you can see me in a smile that starts to show me
There's a guiding Light inside to help you make it
Don't mistake it
The memory of Love, now don't you know me