At This Stage Of The Game

One final look at the face in the mirror;
Closing the book, the lines have been learned well enough.
Time to perform and act like you mean it;
Your Romeo's given his life for this love.


Whoever you think that you might be;
Whatever you dream that life could be;
Just make up your mind
What it is that you're wanting to find.
For nobody else can play your part
And deep down you know yourself by heart,
But it's up to you
To believe in this life that you claim;
And know who you are in this play
At this stage of the game!

Struttin' my stuff, with flashy swordplay,
My skull and crossbones in the black flag overhead.
Swashbuckling cuff, laced with bravado;
On the deck of our Friend Ship,
Remembering what it was that you said:


Hey diddle, diddle, if I could just whittle
My way out of this wooden character;
I know I'd be free to reveal what in me is true,
Beneath the makeup and name,
At this stage of the game!

You may be a son who might be a father,
A sister or brother, a mother, or somebody's daughter.
But we're all a part of the same Source of Being,
So inter-related, it's easily missed by not seeing.


(Written during period performing as the
"Pirate King" in Pirates of Penzance)