Always My Love

You might try to fight it,
But you can never deny it;
It lives with you night and day.
You might not believe it,
But you are bound to receive it;
There's just no getting away.

I don't need to be there
I am there, always;
So if you ever need me,
Just open your heart.
I've been with you from the start,
And I'll be wherever you are
Always, my love.

I know you've tried to hide it,
Looking everywhere to find it,
But this one thing you've never lost.
No matter how you try it,
Run away or say you might quit,
This survives at any cost.


Ever since you were a little child,
Your imagination would run wild;
Sometimes you'd feel you were all alone.

I've seen you try to test it,
Look for ways you could invest it,
And spend your life looking for proof.
But this is beyond measure,
More than any earthly treasure;
It will last long as God's truth.