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This Mandala was created to help you find your way through the varied subject matter and style within Chris' catalog of music.

  Mandala with song clips Meditation and Relaxation Lavender White alt Country: Colorful play on words AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Destiny A place out of time Our time is here Folk: Love of New Mexico Grieving an untimely death Journeys Having Fun! IN THE CENTER OF FOREVER Forgiveness  Media Discernment OVERSIGHT Just Between Loss through suicide It's Up to You! Relationships: Different points of view All Part of the Game Searching for truth New beginnings Despondency Jazz: Reassurance Coping with hard times The Fair of the Heart Tell Me Instrumental: film score material Love Living in You The Gift Hold on To Your Dreams Following My Heart From the Davidson Affair Mystery Healer Instrumental break From the Davidson Affair Don't Mind Me My Friend Written age 21 for “The Friend Ship” album Afterglow  Soothe away the stress An answer to Peace